1A S A Treffen badge Braunschweig 1931

A hard to get badge these days I have been extremely lucky to get a few nice 100% original examples from a deceased estate lot I have a few in stock but they are selling fairly fast no more once they have gone!!! This is the First pattern badge being the pressed out tombak non magnetic version with nickel silver overlay very hard to get originals now !!! I have never had one of these before I was surprised that these badges are bigger than I imagined they are just slightly smaller than a panzer badge!! The Brunswick Rally Badge, also known as the Badge of the SA Rally at Brunswick 1931 (Das Abzeichen vom SA - Treffen in Braunschweig 1931), was the third badge recognised as a national award of the Nazi Party (NSDAP). Through the regulations of 6 November 1936, a special Party Honour Badge commemorating the SA Assembly in Braunschweig on 17-18 October 1931 was created. These are not a tinnie they are an official award of the SA £160.00 includes UK only postage
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