1A Aluminium SA Treffen Rally badge 1931

A very rare badge indeed and guaranteed 100% genuine S.A. Treffen Braunschweig 17/18 Oktober 1931 This scarce solid aluminium version (second pattern) is a very difficult badge to find expecially in this condition the face is normally scarred This example is truly superb super crisp detail nice deep maker mark on the rear RZM in circle M1/63 which is the RZM code allocated to Steinhauer & Luck the pin is perfect These are not a tinnie it is one of the 3 recognised rally badges of the early years of Hitlers Germany and is classed as an official award of the SA, they are much bigger than I imagined bigger than a wound badge (see image) wound badge is not included in the sale. A RARE BADGE !!! £250.00
Price: 250.00 GBP
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