Edged Weapons

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Question Why buy your daggers from me? Answer All my daggers are guaranteed 100% original and exactly as described They also have my full lifetime certificate of authenticity. Don't get ripped off at online auctions with fake daggers, it happens regularly and you have no call for recompence they just say sold as seen and the small print in their terms and conditions is mind boggling especially militaria they usually exclude themselves from any type of return. Then the extortionate commission to pay 20% or 25% is the last thing you want on top of an item that has just cost you hundreds it soon adds up and the purchase becomes a very bad deal indeed. Then postage by some unknown rip off packing firm charging £35.00 + minimum for 1 item All my items include the postal costs and no import duty as I am in the UK nothing is hidden so it really does make sense to buy safely from my website knowing you have invested in an original piece of history. My reputation is paramount and honesty is my silent salesman you wont be disappointed. To finalize and just to make you think twice before you press that auction house bid button. Believe me collectors It is hard enough to ensure an item is original even when its in your hand and under your nose it is only through years of handling and careful studying of these objects that I can more or less say for certain that something is a genuine piece....now try the same thing from your computer chair with an object in an auction house sale that is 200-300 miles away or even 20 feet away !!!! NOT SO EASY but very easy to loose your money!!! buyer beware!!! You must be 18 to purchase any of the edged weapons on my website. Bill.
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